We work with new developers to train them how to use the power of PRISM.

Our framework powers all of our business software tools, from website content management to our full suite of resource management products. Built on a LAMP stack, the framework uses some of the most common and flexible browser based coding language ever developed.

We provide training for new developers with some web development experience to learn our framework as a way to develop products for our partners, and other businesses that would benefit from flexible software solutions. We partner with Saskatchewan Polytechnic on many projects in order to provide their students with real world coding experience. We can do the same for any programmers that you need to build custom solutions for your business. 

We've built out a powerhouse of a web development team with new coders who can quickly learn and adapt to our framework. We take our real world experience gained in onboarding and training new grads and apply it to new employees in your business. If you are currently using our framework to power your custom built business tools, we can train your programmers to maintain and continue to build on your code base.

We only require that developers have two years of web coding experience. We can take care of the rest and get you set up for success with Levis PRISM.


Our training team includes 2 senior developers with 10+ years experience.

  • Introduction to PRISM, LAMP stack, and AJAX programming
  • Introduction to modules including inventory tracking, asset management, blogs, images galleries and user account creation
  • Basic landing page set up and styling with CSS and bootstrap
  • Intermediate function customization using jquery
  • Senior developer guidance and shadow programming on common and simple custom modules

For organizations looking for custom modifications to our framework, our training program provides employees with web development experience the tools they need to start simple progressive web app development on PRISM. Ask us about our program and funding opportunities.


816 1st Ave N,
Saskatoon, SK S7K 1Y3

+1 (306) 250-5387

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