June 11, 2021

Websites Are Special

website dev
They’ve become quite popular. I think they might be here to stay, but I see some companies out there are still hedging their bets on that one. 
It’s okay. We can understand that. In a lot of cases, especially in the industries where we have the most experience, referrals, reputation and word of mouth are still the top lead generators. We work with companies that generally don’t sell products; they sell services and these service contracts are complex and high value.
When it comes to building a relationship for this type of work, a website can seem pointless. Your sales team still needs to have boots on the ground, and most of the work goes into developing proposals.
With the right planning, a website can be a powerful tool, not necessarily for your clients, but for your internal team who work with your clients each day to deliver on the service quality you as a business owner demand.
If you own a business with a wide range of services, your sales team might appreciate the reference material on a website to send to even existing clients.
If you’re bidding on work, a website that shows your credibility and your commitment to technology is becoming increasingly important. A website that includes a client portal so that project information is readily available at all points in the project could be a large differentiating factor.
If you’re looking to expand your client base or geography, a website can be your foot in the door to test the waters, gather feedback, show your face in areas where your reputation can’t yet carry you.
This all takes some thought….
We’ve heard from many companies that say: “We just need to get something up on our domain to show we exist.”
If you don’t have a website, that’s a good start.
We see many small businesses that start out relying on Facebook to push their brand, services and products.
Also an excellent springboard for a company to jump onto new things.
We see many MANY small businesses who get sucked into DIY website builders who are only too excited to tell you that you IN FACT can build a professional website with just a few easy steps. 
I’m here to tell you that you IN FACT cannot. I’ve been working in this industry for close to a decade and I would not touch any of those website builders myself. You need professional help to make a professional website - trust me.
Why trust me?
I can hear you out there scoffing a bit. Of course I’m telling you to get professional help to build your website. That’s business for me, right?
If you need a website for a new business, I’m not going to build that for you. It’s not worth the money you would have to pay for my company to tackle that for you.
I can recommend a bunch of fantastic companies that will help you put up a professional website for under $8,000, which is our very base price.
So why trust me?
Because I believe that if you invest wisely to start, you will eventually be in a position to afford a website that is not just a calling card for your business, but contains a set of business tools that you can leverage to make your business amazing.
You are a power owner. You see the potential of technology to dominate the world, and to turn you from a small business into a behemoth.
We believe in you. And we want to be there when you need us.
Need a website? We can help. Even if that means helping you make the decision not to work with us. We’re cool with that.
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