May 30, 2019

Video Marketing: Might be Easier than You Think



As miles and yards and megabytes of content is generated each and every day through websites, blogs, video hosting sites, social media and news outlets, the inundated crave authentic, real, genuine people doing valuable things.

Why couldn't you be one of those people? Why can't your company be one of the valuable? You succed in your business because you add value in real life. How can you take that value online and start building up a following?

It might be easier than you think, because being genuine is always easier than putting on a show.

Why Video?

The aforementioned miles of content mean that you sometimes only have a few seconds to grab someone as they scroll over the non-ending stream of conciousness that is social media. The experts are pretty unanimous (and they have the numbers to back this up) that moving pictures catch the eye more frequently than anything else. 

Which means that although not all users will watch the entire video, chances are that they will see it, and pause just long enough to find out a bit more.

Posting video to social media doesn't mean stick up a 20 minute video onto your feed and hope for the best. Shorter videos and gifs are more effective at catching attention, and anything under a minute is just long enough to inform without losing your audience.

Just one minute! Simple right?

Try it Out

The time is now! With smart phones and powerful, cheap digital cameras, creating a relatively high production video is far easier than ever. Get started with something simple. A topic that you know a lot about. Set up the camera in a well lit room and start chatting. Keep it short and most of all keep it authentic! These are potential clients you're talking to, which for you or your sales team is an everyday occurrence anyway. Video doesn't turn out, no problem. Use it to make something better.

With some light editing, you could be ready to go with a short video or even gif that you think will add value for your audience. Now those social media accounts you set up long ago for your business become your audience builder. Post away! Share with your network. Get some feedback. Rinse. Repeat!

I know it's not quite that easy, but usually the toughest part is the start - getting those content ideas together and putting some time into practicing your best David Attenborough voice of calm authority. Getting some insights from someone outside your industry could help. Involving your attention loving staff members could help, too!

Just remember that in a world where everyone is putting on a public face, a little raw authenticity and some honest valuable content could be worth more than a few minutes of someone's attention, and sometimes that's all you need.

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