May 1, 2020

The Thrilling Conclusion: How PWAs Benefit Businesses

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What's in it for Businesses?

From a business perspective, there are a couple of significant benefits to PWAs over Native Apps, the biggest being development costs.

If as an app development client, you want to develop an app that provides advanced features to clients that you also want available on your website, you have to run two different platforms, with all the development, maintenance and upkeep that entails.

With PWAs, you can run an app off of an existing web content management system, with all the familiar features that you are used to from maintaining website content.

This also allows your users to access features that are on your site through an app interface as well. Your users can decide if they want to use a feature on desktop through your website, or access it on their phone using a custom app rather than a browser app.

The second benefit is simplifying accessing and downloading the app. There’s no need to submit the app to the app store, so you don’t need to worry about meeting app store requirements for apps, developing the necessary images and metadata to submit, or taking a hit on any payment processing through the app.

Yes, that’s right. If you use your app to process any purchases and you submit this app to the app store, the store takes a cut. That includes membership or event registration fees.

Joining a Club with Some Big Players

We’re not the only ones jumping on the PWA bandwagon. Some big market players have used PWA technology to build apps you might recognize, including:

  • Twitter
  • Alibaba
  • Forbes
  • The Weather Network
  • Washington Post

What this Means for Levis App Development

Our custom software platform has a website content management system that our clients use to easily maintain the content on their sites. This framework allows us to repurpose the code that creates the website fairly easily to create a PWA with simplified functionality and user flow that function well for mobile users. 

In some cases, this means we can create a website and an app simultaneously, and if functionality is similar, more cost effectively. If you have a portion of your website that you would benefit from having easy access to for your users, we can develop a PWA using only that feature. 

Check out this nifty infographic that sums up the benefits of PWAs.

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