October 2, 2019

SEO for Startups: Part 3


For entrepreneurs, SEO is a central part of building a successful startup from the ground up. Research has proven this fact but many founders ignore this low cost, high reward business strategy.
A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is a powerful tool for any startup and can be accomplished at a modest cost. 
Here are some key reasons why SEO needs to be a priority for every business owner and entrepreneur.

1. Optimizing for Google strengthens consumer trust and value.

SEO helps startups build relationships with potential customers with minimal effort. When a business shows up fairly high on the search results, it builds customer trust. From there, the company can work toward building respect and credibility, which are necessary for a new brand relying on digital channels for conversions.
Whether people sign up for a newsletter or they want alerts about discounts, when they see your search results in Google, it automatically builds intrinsic value for the consumer that they can trust your business.

2. SEO optimization builds a long term audience.

Paying for advertisements delivers short term results for a high price.
SEO helps businesses provide their visitors with the content they want. Instead, of having traffic tank the moment an advertisement runs out, SEO will build an audience over time.
The better and more popular your content is, the stronger its SEO will become over time as other sources link to you and Google rewards you for providing quality information, not spam.
Of course, SEO requires constant upkeep.
3. SEO delivers results for startups.

Building a digital presence is crucial for any startup, no matter the industry. The best way to gain awareness, brand equity and traction is through SEO. Optimization tools give businesses easy access to data about their audience. Beyond that, search engine optimization is the cheapest way to build a customer base and inspire consumer trust.
For startups and established companies that don’t want to spend on large scale advertising campaigns, search engine optimization is the best way to build a brand.

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