November 26, 2018

Preventing Privacy Breaches: Part 3


Let’s not forget about hackers  

There have always been individuals or groups that are prepared to take advantage of your business. They closely watch the habits of you and your employees and try and learn the easiest way to get to things of value. In the past these individuals may have been looking to steal merchandise or cash; things that a business would notice. Today, there are still people trying to get inside your business, the problem is that you will probably not even know how they got in. 

It’s time you went beyond simply locking the door at the end of the night and really started to focus on cyber security:

1) Maintain and keep your software up-to-date. Most software is maintained through updates and patches. Even though we love to click “Remind me later” on these updates, we aren’t doing ourselves any favours. Allow the time for systematic updates across the entire business and make sure that software or programs that are no longer used are safely and completely removed from your servers. Stay in front of the hackers by keeping up to date.
2) Implement intrusion prevention and detection systems. Unfortunately, even the best programs can eventually be hacked, but there are systems available that can detect these intrusions. Identifying and tracking these breaches can help to lessen the damage and reduces escalation of infiltration. 

Keep in mind: It’s has always been important to lock the doors, but also remember to turn the security cameras and motion detectors on.

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