December 12, 2018

New website in the works? Let's talk CMS.


Need a New Website?

When it's time for a website upgrade, there are plenty of local web design companies to choose from. It can be difficult to know how to chooose one. Prices vary widely. Expertise even more so. Should you go with a Saskatoon web design firm or look further afield?

These are all important questions, and many companies know to research carefully when it comes to price versus value, and calculating the return on investment for a new web design.

However, unlike other vendors, there's an aspect selecting a web design company that can get overlooked, or if not, can be overly confusing. That is the technical framework of the website and most importantly, the content management system.

What's the deal?

The content management system (CMS) of a website is part of the technical framework that holds up all those pages that you see online. A website doesn't NEED a CMS, but it's very rare that a website doesn't have one. It's a non-technical access point for users to adjust certain aspects of a website without messing around with files full of code. Today's out of the box CMS options include a simple template with pieces that someone can throw together with very little programming ability (Squarespace, Wix), or a more advanced collection of parts that you can stick together with some coding knowledge and online help documents (WordPress, Joomla). 

Over the years, CMS frameworks have become more powerful technical tools for building websites, allowing for more complex designs, functions, and cool features, advanced software integration and productivity tools. They allow for more variety in style and substance while not sacrificing your ability to keep your web content fresh and engaging.

So, having the right CMS for you needs is pretty important.

Wild World of Web Design

For a simple billboard style site, any Saskatoon web design company can probably do right by you, regardless of the CMS they rely on. If you have a small business with a few simple pages and a contact form, you can likely easily set up and run Squarespace for all your web design needs.

For more advanced features, such as eCommerce, complex product galleries, automated sales funnels and multiple levels of user access, you're going to have to step it up, so when you interview your Saskatoon web design firm or marketing agency, ask what CMS they use and if it can realistically handle what you need your website to do for you.

Every web design company has their favourite CMS and programming language and will be more than willing to tell you everything that's fantastic about their choice. Your job is to ask tough questions and to not get intimidated by tech talk. Don't know what HTML5 or PHP is? Ask. Not sure what SEO is or what it means to be "responsive"? Ask. Any decent web developer you ask should have answers. 

More CMS Talk Here

So what's our story?

Levis Media is a digitally focused web design company, and part of our unique product offering is a technically advanced CMS framework. It allows us to build a wide range of digital products, including websites and apps. We believe that tech stack is the little engine that could and we like to do a lot with it.

However, we recognize that it might not be the optimal solution for our clients. So we're going to ask you some questions when you come in so that we can figure that out. We like our solution for most things; that doesn't mean it's always the best. 

If you're doing some research into the best Saskatoon web design company for your needs, use our expertise to ask those burning questions. We're happy to offer consultations on any digital products if that's what you need.

Looking forward to meeting with you!

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