April 16, 2020

Need an App for That? How About a PWA?

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Part 1 of the Story of Technology & How We Want to Consume Information

There’s little doubt amongst business owners today that having a well designed, mobile ready website is a vital tool for business credibility, sales, marketing and more. 

Most businesses are online in some form, and many have embraced online transactions to make their business more efficient, make their customer’s journey more pleasant, and make life easier for their employees.

For those businesses that see the value of online business transactions, there’s a growing interest in exploring the value of apps. 

The app development market, though, is a bit like the web development market was five years ago: a wild west of options with a pile of diverse and sometimes conflicting information on how, when and why to use apps for your business.

We’ve been developing apps for a number of years, mainly for B2B clients, and we have chosen the path of developing apps to suit the core of our software: pulling information together into a single platform, rather than scattering it across different media. 

We do this through a technology called Progressive Web Apps (PWA).


What is a Progressive Web App (PWA)?

As more and more functionality is being automated, digitized and brought online, the options available to create custom software is becoming increasingly popular and valuable. PWAs are mobile apps for smartphones, developed using web browser technology, primarily HTML, CSS and Javascript. 

PWAs run and function like simplified websites, designed for use on a phone, but able to contain any features that a website might have. Web browsers have evolved over the years, and browser technology is rapidly closing the gaps between native applications and web applications.

This makes PWAs a flexible, action packed option for building new ways to interact with your users.


Read on for Part 2: PWA vs Other: Your App Building Options

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