January 21, 2019

Is Your Web Design Helping You Reach Your Goals?


Stop me if you've heard this one.

You contacted a Saskatoon web design firm. You shake hands on a deal to get a new website. 

A few grueling months (yes months) later, and your new website is launched. Rejoice!

Flash forward a few months. The number of calls, visits and emails to your business have barely budged. After the initial launch excitement, things have died back again to pre-new website levels.

You're frustrated. The Saskatoon web design company that you hired promised that a new website would move the needle substantially. That you just needed a better online presence. So what gives?

Did your web design company take you for a pricey ride?

The short answer is no, they probably did not.

The long answer is that they may have, because they only told you part of the story. The website that they built for you is probably pretty good. You invested wisely. You shopped around. They said that they website would be SEO ready. If you picked a Saskatoon web design company from Google search results, they likely know what they are doing on the SEO front.

However, a website isn't magic. It isn't a client magnet. It doesn't operate in isolation to make your sales numbers soar.

A website, well designed and optimized, should be part of a larger strategy that includes other digital media or traditional media, depending on your demographic. 

If your web design company told you that having a website is all you need, then yes, they took you for a ride. However, if they built you a website, handed you the keys to drive it, and said now get out there and promote yourselves using this new tool to gather traffic, then they said the right things.

But now what?

If your Saskatoon web design company gave you the keys and you don't know how to drive, we can teach you. Levis Media is a Saskatoon web design company, but we also work on full campaigns that include digital advertising, billboards, magazine articles, press releases, social media strategy and marketing consulting. We have partners to assist with social media training, photography, SEO and more.

So even if you have a new website, if that needle isn't moving 6 months after launch, you might need a little extra boost. Don't toss your website out. Come find out what's under the hood. We'll get a bit more horsepower out of it for you if we can.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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