September 29, 2022

Is Your Software Story a RomCom or a Tragedy in 4 Acts? A Tale of 2 Softwares

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Depending on who you are and where you work, software might be the only thing that lets you do your job.

Some days, it also might feel like software is the only thing that prevents you from doing your job.

Either way, there’s a story to tell in most offices now about how you use technology to get through your day as efficiently and enjoyably as possible.

Whether this story is a romcom or a comedy of errors - that might just be something where we can help.

The Tale of Two Softwares

For software that businesses rely on to manage their day to day operations, there is a wide market of options, from complicated, powerful, and costly, to simple, basic, and free. Most users say that out of the box solutions get the company about 80% of the way to meaningful business efficiency, and there are many options out there that don’t scale or change nicely as the business grows.

The market is filled with options, and often these options can be grouped into 2 fields: data entry heavy and designed for desktop; data entry light and designed for any device.

That’s because there are 2 different reasons to have business software:

To manage a large team of people and ensure that all information is collected and collated for use in making business decisions

For employees to manage their daily lives

These can be wildly diverse use cases, and frequently, the most frustrating software is that which does the first thing REALLY well, and the second thing only because it needs to.

The tale of 2 softwares is this: you either use it like an owner and love it for the data, or you use it like an employee, and love it for how simple it is to use.

Why Not Both?

We as software developers spend a lot of time figuring out how to make software work, and often we can make it work based on very specific criteria. Your criteria.

We also know that the software your company uses likely exists for a reason, and often that’s a reason we can’t duplicate or replace without a great deal of time and expense.

We’re just not going to be able to rebuild SAP for you, nor should we. It’s a powerful tool already.

BUT, we can build employee specific interfaces so that employees don’t hate using the software. Meaning that as a business owner, you still get the data into your existing system that you love, and your employees more consistently use the product because it actually DOES make their lives easier.

How Do We Do This?


Seriously Though

We have ways to connect to databases on other products, as long as those products don’t mind us doing so. What that means is that we can collect data into our database from users, and then push that data into an existing product so that it’s updated in real time with the relevant information it needs. Just in case you are looking for more information, here’s another blog for you.

Because our platform is browser based and modular, we can build flexible, custom dashboards, mobile apps, and data entry points that streamline how actual employees want to use their technology, (ie. with as little interaction as possible).

Many browser based platforms do allow connectivity with external data points, even if that solution is hosted on a server in your basement. Or is part of a multi-faceted complete ERP system that runs an entire company.


Let’s help you plug and play with that underutilized software that currently makes your life just a little more difficult even as it makes it easier.

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