April 11, 2019

Get More From Less: Writing for Websites


Writing for a Digital Audience

You’re proud of the business you run.

You’re proud that you’ve been around for 11 years and have become a name that people recognize. 

You’re proud of the wide array of services that you offer to your customers and clients.

And you should be.


Should you still be proud of that news article that was written about your business in 2004?

How about the 1000-word company description on the homepage of the company website? (You know… the one with all those spelling errors and the weird formatting)

Or the FAQ tab on the website that has said “Coming Soon” for the past 7 years?

Have you looked at your website recently?

Some very important things don’t age very well. A website that was thrown together during the dial-up days is one of them. 

For many businesses, the very first thing a client learns about you comes directly from your website. We could talk for days about the importance of hiring a designer and a competent programmer, but let’s start with the nuts and bolts: what is the information that you need to include and what order does it go in?

Can you explain your business in 1 sentence?

Because that’s all the time you get. It might sound too simple, but you need to get the most important information to the forefront. If your reader only sees one thing, it needs to be: who you are, what you do, where you work, and how to contact you.

Hack and Slash

Like a garden that’s gotten out of hand or a playoff hockey game, you have some chopping and slashing to do. And if you don’t know how to swing the axe, then you need to find someone that can. 

Anything that isn’t contributing to your business or the central goal of your website needs to go. Run-on sentences, outdated content, services you no longer offer, jobs postings that have been filled.

Get rid of it. 

Shed a tear or two, but you need to clean up your existing content.

Everyone’s a writer...and a designer… and a proofreader

Except they aren’t. 

Thankfully, there are people out there that can help you structure the information of your website to make it more user friendly, get more leads, and also climb up the Google Search list. 


Need words? Need words removed or rearranged? We can help with that.

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