May 31, 2019

Easy SEO: Some Simple Steps to Make Google Happy


Search Engine Optimization. You've heard about it. You've maybe even stressed about it. Perhaps you've even tried to hire someone to sort it out for you with mixed results.

Your clients are looking for you even now, and it might be frustrating to you that Google is getting in your way. There are a few things that you can do right now to start getting what's called organic search results, and it's worthwhile to give it a try.


Google* has decreed: content is king so you better keep creating it. The simplest and most effective way to do that? Blogging on your site. Blogs are a nefarious thing to deal with over time. We know it. Finding new ideas to write about can be a challenge. However, if you want to bump up your Google rank, creating what's known as 'keyword rich' blogs is a simple, quick way to do so. Blogs need only be around 200 words, be about anything in your industry, and have a few of the search terms you think users are typing into Google search to find you sprinkled throughout.

Post these quick, no nonsense blogs a couple of times a month and over time, Google will start to reward your efforts. Though it might be tempting, don't repost blogs! Google is fickle and wants to be spoiled with new, original content at all times.


Not surprisingly, Google likes it when you use their products, and will reward your site for including as much Google content as you can. Fortunately for everyone, Google + is no longer a thing, but Google Maps remain not only important to Google's constantly growing database, but also to your potential clients. So this is a win win for everyone. Google Maps provides handy embed codes in their sharing section that you can put onto your contact page so that everyone can see where you're located. Send the code to your web developer, or if you are in charge of updating your site through a CMS, find a Text/Source/<> Editor feature and use that to pop in the line of code. Voila - a map!


Another Google product! This one is fairly useful for a number of reasons. First, if you are a location based business, having a well developed Google Business page will help your maps ranking. That's the section you see when you search for a business that pops up at the top, indicating where your business is located and providing some basic contact information about it. Users want to find you quickly and easily; Google Business is there to assist. 

Second, it allows you to post some pics and information about your business so that users can see your team, your office or store, and information about your services and promotions. Google Business links back to your website, makes your call number simple to use, and provides a space for reviews. All valuable for a business interested in maximizing your audience reach.

Get some content rolling on your business page, ensure that all your contact information is up to date and complete, and push your page out to clients to provide a review. All of these elements will help push your business up the rank, and has the side benefit of providing your potential clients with a very efficient way to track you down!


These are some cost effective ways to try to improve your search rank; however, if your site is poorly built or not what is known as SEO optimized, Google is still going to give you the cold shoulder. The search engine wants to send users to the fastest, best organized and most relevant content available in relation to the search terms. 

If you're still friendly with your web developer, or programming savvy yourself, run your website through a tool like WooRank and find out where it's falling down in the SEO game. That will give you a roadmap on what you need to do first to get friendly with the search engine giant.


*Also Bing. I have to mention Bing as well. We have a dedicated Bing-er in the office who has some weird, vested interest in seeing Bing be a Thing. So Bing away, Bing-ers. Not judgement here.

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