February 1, 2023

Do You Think Everyone Needs an App? We Should Talk

This is not an app....

Hey there tech fans. Or maybe Levis fans? Or Levi’s fans - why not?

We want to meet some tech minded individuals who want to help us hunt down some new prospects for our tech products, and for our tech consulting business.

We work across a wide range of industries, including mining, agriculture, commercial construction, supply chain management, engineering services, hospitality, safety inspection consultants - the list goes on!

In addition to selling our custom resource management solutions, we have a whole branch of the company dedicated to helping startups build tech, and that can be just about anyone with an idea for software as a service or custom app!

We’ve got a bunch of smart developers working on our team now, and we need a smart cookie to help us keep them busy by telling the world all about us (or at least western Canada).

Here’s what we’re looking for:

A tech savvy, outgoing lead generator who loves nothing more than to keep the calendar full of meetings with new people every week. From cold calls to follow ups, to networking events and building new relationships, your job is to carry our brand further, and narrow down the prospects for us so that we talk tech only with the decision makers.

Once you’ve caught a good lead, we’ll do the heavy lifting to close the deal. Custom tech deals can take months to procure, so we don’t want you getting slowed down by the process. Just keep tossing us the big fish, then get back out there.

You are our brand ambassador and the services we sell can be complicated. We’re looking for someone with existing experience in selling tech products, or someone willing to learn how we use tech to add value to a client’s company.

Your job is to convince a business owner that yes, you DO need an app for that!

Sound exciting? Of course it does.

If this makes you want to meet, then we want to meet you too. Send us an email that includes your experience and background, and why you want to talk to us, and we’ll go from there!

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Saskatoon, SK S7K 1Y3

+1 (306) 250-5387

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