June 30, 2023

Beer and Patios: Get on out there this long weekend


I grew up in a small town here in Saskatchewan, and as such I am quite versed in the art of small talk, and especially the ice breaking tradition of talking about the weather.

It’s such a habit now that I rarely start a meeting even with people I know without talking about what weather experience I and others are currently experiencing, or have recently experienced, or hope to experience.

I don’t intend to stop now.

With that being said, has June not been incredible so far?! The heat! The storms! Even the occasional cool day to freshen us up. That’s right - so far, spring has done right by us, and cheers to many happy returns for summer!

Speaking of cheers - beers!

The summer season is the time when business development goes outdoors for the ubiquitous patio beer. The season is short, the patios numerous, and the beer delightful, so we’re always on the hunt for new places for relaxed meetings and languorous conversations. Saskatoon, despite the mighty short window of good weather, has so many choices for both.

Microbrews and Sunshine

The craft beer scene in Saskatoon is quite phenomenal for our population, and it’s one of my favourite things about the city. Creativity, grit, passion, and patience - breweries and local brew pubs only exist because their owners persevere in their passion to share delectable treats for us all. 

Remarkable too are the number of patios and pop up patios that transform the city into an outdoor fiesta for a scant few months before they’re tidied up and put back indoors for the season that shall not be named.

We salute you!

If you’re looking for a different place to pop in for an upcoming meeting, and maybe a new local brew to sip, might we suggest a few fantastic options? We might!

Patio Perfection

Now I’m not saying that there is a perfect patio out there, but I bet you can find one that’s perfect for your mood. Sunny? Broody? Sociable? Elevated? Boy you’re spoiled for choice.

My fave patios for sun lovers in no particular order: 

Prairie Sun - hot hot hot and busy! The taps are divine, the patio is incredible, and the food is unique and creative. The architecture in this new building is worth a look itself, and the wait staff is always super friendly. Try a pint of Crazy Farm!

Cohen’s Beer Republic - the window is brief, but in early to mid afternoon, plenty of cooking time. Cohen’s has a laid back vibe, and a decent tap selection. Their spirit selection has a few pleasant surprises, too. Saskatoon Brewery IPA is a worthy contender.

O’Shea’s - really debated if this should go in the sun lovers category, or the rooftop lover spot, but I decided it really deserves a shout out for both. Their beer selection is somewhat unimaginative but you’ll find something you like for a hot day. 016 anyone?

Honourable mention:  High Key Brewery - hot hot hot and new! Plus they have a rotating selection of super creative and unique taps. Pink Hibiscus IPA please.

Onto the best patios for shade because sometimes Saskatoon is just waaaaay to hot:

Earl’s - an institution in Saskatoon, and despite being part of a franchise, still deserves a spot for both sun and shade lovers. They just expanded their patio for this season and it’s worth a visit for an afternoon. They have a microbrew in the back, full sized pints and a happy “hour” that starts at 3pm. Go now!

Cathedral Social Hall - located right across the street from the Bess, the view, the patio itself, and the out of this world beer selection makes this the perfect spot for super sunny afternoons. We’re regulars. Say hi to Tina for us! Serve me up a good sour tulip and I’m happy.

Amigos - it’s a bit gritty but it’s wonderfully, reliably gritty. Their patio is shady and cool, large and roomy, and comes with some of the best comfort food you can get. My tradition is a pint of Trad and a chimichanga. 

Let’s get higher! Rooftop patio lovers have fewer choices and usually they are jammed!

O’Shea’s - Yep second shout out for this oldie but a goodie. Their patio is roomy, the furnishings are best described as yard sale, and their service is quick. Plus if you get too hot, head on down to the cool, dark interior and sit at the bar for a pint.

Hose & Hydrant - hands down the tops. Firstly, it’s amazing. Secondly, it’s almost always got a free table or two. Thirdly, it's one of Saskatoon’s finest, never been renovated, every generation remembers that smell, kind of place. Three glorious floors and the menu always has food! Buy a bucket of Coronas and embrace the part of you that wishes you were on a beach vacation every day.

So on this weekend, the first long weekend of the best season we’ve got, get the heck out there and enjoy! Let us know your favourite place to lift a pint or a mojito!


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