August 14, 2020

Back In the Saddle Again! Out Where a Friend is a Friend! Etc

back to work

We’re back!

Everyone on the team reported back to work on Monday looking bleary eyed and confused, so we assumed that meant that the crew successfully unplugged. It’s always a great sign when the first Monday back is a painful experience.

We’ve spent the week digging back into it all, and we so appreciate our clients, partners and colleagues giving us the week to close. With zero fires, only a couple of minor sparks, and relatively few emails, our week’s closure was either perfectly timed or we have a great business community that understands the importance of dragging out every moment of a Saskatchewan summer.

These days, with our always on business culture running hot, and work from home life blurring boundaries, it can be really difficult to truly disengage from it all. I recommend it, though, if you can manage it. I think that everyone here would too.


We’ve been fairly consistently writing up these little blogs over the past months as a way to keep in the mind’s eye of our network while we can’t really be in their eyes. It’s fun for me, as I started out as a writer and still enjoy putting words together for you all. However, I work through every week what type of content, how much content, and what frequency of content is appropriate.

Between the three of us, we try to keep the blog topics fairly variable. Even so, I am more than aware of the deluge of information that we consume every day, and having unplugged for the week, I am out of practice skimming through dozens of articles, blogs, news reports and LI posts each day.

It’s tiring.

It’s also important.

Being engaged with our communities (whatever those may be) not only gives us a wider view of the world, it’s also essential for those communities. We create the connections by staying engaged with the networks and fundamental institutions that run our culture and society.

Being disengaged is vital. Taking the time to look past what we’ve created, and looking into what exists without our assistance is for many absolutely necessary for survival in a complex world that at times can seem like it’s fraying to bits.

However, our society demands that eventually, we get back to it, whatever it might be.


I’ve had a few conversations with people this week that I haven’t spoken to in quite some time. Some have been in a mad scramble to build almost from scratch a new way of doing business. Some have dug down and stayed home, only engaging when necessary, and using online tools to do so. Some are building new companies, working out kinks, missing out on networking events, and are challenged to find new ways of outreach.

No matter how you’ve been coping in your career and personal life, one thing is certain: we are social creatures, needful of each other, reliant on conversation to spark necessary creativity. It’s been an introvert’s world these past few months, but I think that most of us are discovering (and by us I mean introverts) that even we miss out on opportunities by being unable to engage casually, non-purposefully and in person with our communities.

This article spurred me to write on this topic, but the conversations I’ve had this week solidified in my mind that creativity thrives in casual engagement, even for those of us who are happily rambling around in our own minds for days.

Yes that’s right - I can spend days by myself, and only realize afterwards that I forget what my voice sounds like. I know some of you would be horrified by that; others feel it to your core.

Even as a dyed in the wool introvert, however, I still know that true creativity, innovation and problem solving happens most frequently in loosely engaged groups, with no real purpose, no webinar topic, no meeting agenda, and no camera to stare into awkwardly (or smoothly - some of you are rockstars!).


At the end of it all is balance.

The world needs it.

You need it. I need it.

For anyone who says “this is the end of (enter topic here)”, they will always get the side-eye from me.

Balance. It’s not the end. It’s the other end. We’ll be back on this end eventually. We’d love to get back to it soon, and we look forward to many creative encounters with you all as we go.

Thank you again for giving us the time to unplug. We missed you all, but we’ve got our balance back.

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